Limited Release Labels for Peckham's Cider

Design Lead as part of Lucid
Between September and November 2015

Peckham's run an award winning cidery from their family orchard in the Moutere Valley near Nelson. Unlike most ciders currently on the New Zealand market their approach is a lot more traditional, using heritage apples to create a mature range of dry ciders.

Alex and Caroline approached me to help them create a flexible label that could be used for small, or limited runs of special ciders. It needed to have a consistent look and feel that fitted the Peckham's brand, but also stand alone from the rest of the core range. Most importantly the details on the label needed to be able to change with each new release.

What we came up with was more of a framework. The label was first printed with only the information that would never change, this included the branding and the artwork created by Alex's father. Then using a template the details of each run is overprinted in-house, using a thermal printer similar to those used in some airports to print boarding passes.